Why choose the Business Advice Agency?

It's a good question and one you should ask of  anyone you may deal with. In a world where competition is rife and there are plenty of people promising you everything- why would we sign up with the Business Advice Agency? There are many reasons- so lets work through some.

Firstly, the Business Advice Agency was introduced to drive a new era of small business success in Australia. Decades of experience means we know there’s a massive difference between being a great plumber, for example, and being in the business of plumbing. Knowing the WHY this is important and what it takes is the foundation block of our business support to you.

Secondly, we have hand picked the experts who can support you. There are no hidden agendas or backroom deals. Just those people we have sourced who are experts in the critical disciplines of business success. We then back this up with resources, tools and education plus your own community that will help you.

Thirdly, there are so many small business resources available today- from government agencies, to commerce chambers, network groups and even support & educational systems set up by larger groups. So why, are businesses still failing at such a high rate if these resources are available? It's because the fundamentals of business success have been overlooked and we know what they are and how to change them.

Small business advisors

Expertise. Support. Planning.


We put over 70,000 tools and resources in your hands. Want to build your own expertise? We have courses, webinars and more. Want to learn from other experts? We have key business partners in your State to offer guidance, advice, and discounted full services as well as podcasts, keynote speeches, and more.


Being a small business owner can be very lonely. We connect you to a panel of experts to help you with all aspects of your business as well as an energised network of successful business owners. People who need your support, and people who can support you.


Most small business failures come down to a lack of planning. Whether it’s cashflow plans, expansion plans, growth strategies, or a lack of a business plan entirely, planning is critical. Our Members have access to thousands of resources and a panel of experts to help plan for things they didn’t even know existed yet!

You get all of this unrivalled business support for less than $22 per week!

Does that sound like the kind of support your business deserves?

Then join the business success movement today.

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