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Paul Harley
State Manager-Qld

Paul Harley is a passionate Entrepreneur and Business Owner ensuring customers in all his dealings get a passionate, personalized and no compromise experience every time.

From humble beginnings, being raised in family-owned Pubs/Hotels, then branching out to create multiple start-ups, own several hospitality and real estate businesses, Paul’s success comes from a wealth of knowledge, customer service and the ability to lead the team in a hands on approach. Over the past 30 years, Paul’s devotion and transparency coupled with extensive personal training and coaching in all business departments gives him a thorough understanding of how to provide business with the correct advice or professional to talk to.

Over the many years I have realised that some of the most daunting aspects are Finance, Accounting, Social Media and Marketing, Legal and Human Resources, Training, Time Management and general health so I am extremely passionate now to be part of a community & Network that provides knowledge and support to all Australian businesses.

You can contact me on my mobile 0422 076 367 or email me at

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