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Our Mission is simple.

To create Australia’s most valued business hub, forming an energised community of successful business owners and educating, resourcing, supporting, and mentoring them to achieve their personal and business goals.

We have a vision to drive a new era of small business success in Australia, helping owners to survive and thrive. We are determined to disrupt the failure rate of businesses in this country because we have seen some incredibly talented people who were brilliant at their craft struggle with their own business.

Many of us work alone in our business, or with very little help and support. Until now. We want to be that resource that truly impacts in a positive way on your business success by giving you all the tools, resources, expertise and support to help get you there.

Why is it so hard to get business success?

They just weren’t getting the results they wanted or needed for success. We made it our mission to discover why, and uncover the fundamental reasons.

  1. They were doing it alone or with minimal support.
  2. No one had shown them how to succeed in business.
  3. They were working hard IN their business, not ON their business.
  4. They made fundamental mistakes in the planning or management of their business.

That lined up with research from around the world, and we saw an opportunity to help support these business owners.

We want to improve the success rate of business, well above the 40% that make it past 3 years, and definitely above the 10% that are still going after 5 years. You have invested your hard earned money, your blood, sweat and tears to make it happen. You deserve support and we are here to give you that- at a fraction of the cost you would normally have to pay.

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Our Mission

So why is that our Mission?

For a few good reasons. Firstly, as we have said because we have walked in your shoes running our own business and we know how hard it can be without proper business support. Secondly, because businesses like yours are the lifeblood of the Australian economy and are critical to the success and prosperity of this beautiful country.

More than that though… small business owners are people, like you and I. They have families, relationships, hopes, and dreams for the future and to stand by and watch 90% of them struggle and fail within 5 years was just not an option. Everyone seemed to want to take from business owners- so it was time to give back to you.

Together with our Members and Partners, we can dramatically increase your business success rate and help you get the outcomes you so deserve.

Become a Member today and get the business support that will make a difference.