Human Resources

Human Resources

The greatest resource your business generally has- are the people who work in your business. Generally speaking though, this is often the hardest, most time confusing and riskiest part of your business. 

Covering everything from employment contracts and letters, workplace health and safety, and National Employment Standards to payroll systems, default super funds, and leave obligations, getting it wrong can be a very expensive exercise.

As part of your Membership with the Business Advice Agency, you do get access to over 70,000 resources, many of which will help you better understand how to employ someone, how to pick a payroll system, the importance of the right default super fund, and even some templates to help with various HR functions. Plus we connect with experts in our panel of advisors who can truly support you in business,

What we realise though is that what most people think they need to do from an HR perspective doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s really required to ensure a safe transition from being a sole trader to being an employer.

Human Resources

Getting the knowledge, expertise, skill and support to get your HR right in your business is one of the most common areas of concern that we hear about for business owners today. The Business Advice Agency can help you here:

  • Access or FREE templates, guides and resources inside our Tools & Resource Centre for many of your HR needs
  • Search for the myriad of HR Topics in our Business Pirkx's Portal with over 150,000 resources available for you to use.
  • Ask for help and guidance in a general form from one of our HR advisors on our expert state panels
  • Pose a question in our Members Forum to see how others may have managed a particular HR issue
  • Check in our Member Directory to see if any of our members can offer a HR service you may need (like Payroll)
  • Attend one of our Webinars or listen to one of our Podcasts on HR issues to stay informed

We have your back- but we can only do that if you become one of our Members. 

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Don’t need HR Support?

What about these other critical areas?

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  • Legal
  • Operations
  • Health (yours… not just your business!)