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Your Health impacts on your Business Health

Let's face it- its tough being in business. Pressure on costs, paying wages, legislation, taxation, finding new customers, getting good staff, keeping your doors open- not to mention the odd pandemic or crisis- plays havoc with business owners health.

Small Business owners may experience depression, anxiety, and stress at higher levels than the general community and many of them do this alone and behind closed doors.

Putting in long hours, feeling isolated, worrying about cash flow and the pressure of being all things and managing all aspects of the business can be immense, and all too often business owners brush it aside because there’s always work to be done.

In fact, small business owners are so inclined to struggle and keep working harder anyway that Heads Up and Beyond Blue created a guide for people AROUND small business owners to identify indicators and provide support! We are even looking at creating EAP support for our Business Advice Members at a fraction of the cost they may normally pay- so stay tuned- its coming soon.

At the Business Advice Agency, we know all too well the stress of blurring home and work boundaries, feeling isolated with few people around you who truly understand the demands of what you do, trying to be all things to all people, and becoming an overnight expert in everything you can.

That’s why we’ve made sure that in the thousands of resources, webinars, podcasts, and learning workshops we have specifically addressed how to improve positive mental health and well-being as a small business owner. It’s why we’ve deliberately created spot for health and well-being experts on our panel of advisors.

It's not just your mental health though- it is a holistic approach to exercise, nutrition, stress management, relaxation, motivation and mindset. Generally you will find- a fit and healthy business bristling with energy is linked to the business owner and staff who have the same.

Health Experts

How can the Business Advice Agency help?

The small business sector is often missed in getting the right type of support for Health & Well Being of its owners. We can help by:

  • the extensive training material in our online learning portal that can help with many work health related issues
  • supporting PDF's and templates in our Tools & Resources section that can give you insights & guidance
  • using our business forum to discuss and share your problems and my getting the right answers solving them
  • having access to our advisory hub and panel to help guide you through your business needs
  • using our Rewards Platform to splash out and reward yourself or you staff and save money!
  • just knowing that you are not alone in your business and you have someone who can have your back & support you
  • connecting with one of our Health & Well Being experts, mentors or coaches

Let us help you stay healthy so you business stays healthy too.

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