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Get More Customers

Get More Customers- Overview

The lifeblood of any business is a constant flow of customers, whether you are a retail business, professional services organisation, tradesperson or any small business. All our business owners not only wish they had more customers but more of the right type of customers that you enjoy doing business with.

The More Customers, the more income, the more income and cashflow, the better your chance of survival in business. But having the wrong type of customers can also be very detrimental to your business as you need staff, systems, processes and resources to manage these flows. You can a lot of time, energy and money trying to actually get the wrong type of customers.

In this program Get More Customers, we teach you how to identify, source, attract and secure the very best type of customers for your business- your ideal customers. We take you through what has been tested to work. There are no magical formulaes or quick fixes. Just a logical and straightforward way to identify, attract and secure the best customers for your business. We have based our program on over 20 years practical experience, research and understanding of what works best for small business owners to get these customers.

We have included 10 modules of important information for you to consider, which we take you through in our video slide format. This is then supported by your own Get More Customers workbook, coupled with interviews with some of the best in the business who can help give you their knowledge and expertise also. Plus, we have added some exclusive tools & resources for you to use that can help you fast track your success.

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Sneak Peek Inside

The Get More Customer- Key Modules

Module 1- Choosing your Ideal Customer

Module 2- Buyer Discovery

Module 3- Where to find them

Module 4- How to reach them

Module 5- Attracting them

Module 6- Convincing them to buy

Module 7- Outreach Mechanisms

Module 8- Attraction Resources

Module 9- Purchasing Triggers

Module 10- Staying Visible

The program is supported with our video presentation, the Get More Customers Workbook and Keynote presentations from some of our expert partners plus any supporting tools and resources. Each module is completed online and will only take you about 10 mins each. We cover 30 topics in the 10 modules. The course is FREE to our paying members and limited access to our FREE members. It retails at $1495 per person if you are not a member of BAA.

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Marketing Resources

One Page Marketing Plan

One Page Marketing Plan

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Target Market Template

Target Market Template

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