Is this just a Networking Group?

Networking can be an important part of many businesses’ success however Business Advice Agency offers a comprehensive business hub, with expert partners to help support you, over 150,000 tools & resources and a game changing Business Success Pathway that will help you achieve long lasting success.

What programs are available in your training portal?

With so many different courses, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to up-skill your knowledge in staff management, hiring, selling, or how to market your business, you will be pleasantly surprised by the large variety of options.

Do I have to complete any of our workshops?

We have developed our workshops specifically to help and guide you get the results you desire for your business. We would highly recommend you undertake whatever suits you best but no, you don't have to do them.

How do I know I can trust your panel of experts?

Our panel of experts has been carefully selected using strict criteria. We partner with people and businesses who are not just experts in their field but come highly recommended by their clients due to their genuine care, authenticity, and willingness and ability to help. 

Our Partners also contribute their knowledge, expertise, and advice to Members on a regular basis so the chances are you will already know their work before you choose to engage their services directly!

Do I have to pay for any services from this panel?

Like you, each of our panel experts are also running their own businesses. They have generously agreed to help our Members to succeed in their businesses – many providing resources and time free-of-charge. If extensive assistance is needed by the panel expert, a discounted fee may also apply.

Can I cancel my membership before 12 months is up?

With all our resources at your disposal and an extensive network available to you, Business Advice Agency has not designed a quick fix solution to guarantee you overnight success. 

What we have done is created a comprehensive business hub to help your business survive and thrive. To ensure you get the help where and when you need it, we do have a minimum 12-month membership in place. You will have the full support of the Business Advice Agency and our Partners, working to help your business during your membership.

If you experience a period of hardship though, please get in touch with your State Manager to discuss your options.

Do you give refunds or a 100% money back guarantee?

No. This is a commitment by you the business owner and so we encourage you to use all the resources at your disposal for the full 12 months and while we stand behind what we do, we do not offer a refund or 100% money back guarantee. The Business Advice Agency is not a ‘quick fix’ system, rather it’s a comprehensive hub with an extensive range of resources that take time to work through and put to use in your business. A short-term trial would be counterproductive to our goal of supporting long term success for your business.

Why should I choose the Business Advice Agency over other similar groups?

We created the Business Advice Agency to fill a void and with all our resources, a panel of expert Partners and an energised community of business owners nationwide, quite frankly there aren’t any similar groups.
We aren’t a Government run organisation staffed with people who have never been near a small business, nor do we cater to large companies. We are dedicated to the small business operators who need help the most.
Quite simply, we provide the business support we wish we’d had years ago!

Is this just another one of these programs that gets me in on a cheap price 
and then upsells me into a much more expensive solution?

No. Our mission is for long lasting business success- not the ridiculous 'get success fast' programs you often see touted as 'secrets', 'next greatest thing'. To be frank, trying to supercharge your business, without getting the fundamentals of your business correct only helps those who offer those services. We have structured our membership to give you a choice which we are constantly reviewing and checking with our customers.