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As a Business Advice Agency Member, you get access to over resources including training, webinars, podcasts, guides, and more that can help upskill and educate you on digitising your business.

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Not just optimising your website or getting you “Insta ready” either.

Digital solutions can have a massive impact on your lifestyle and success when used to remove manual work and ease the burden of administration and compliance.

Most small business owners are spending 10 – 11 hours a week on paperwork and usually it’s being done late at night and on weekends by them or their partner.

You’re in business to create a lifestyle. Doing paperwork probably wasn’t it, right?

Only 10% of small businesses use digital solutions to drive their stock control, and just 15% apply it to their business planning.

Even using technology to help with product operations is something done by about half of all owners!

So if you’re ready to learn more about how digitisation can help your business and to take advantage of our resources and panel of expert advisors then become a Member today!

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