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Close More Sales

Close More Sales- Overview

In our other programs, Attract More Leads and Get More Customers we showcased to you what you needed to do to be able to get a steady flow of new leads and have them as your ideal customers. For you to be successful in this, you Sales will need to be able to convert (or in sales language- close) these sales. There is nothing more frustrating in business to have someone genuinely interested in wanting to buy your product or service but for them to chose someone else over you.

Close More Sales is an ethical and authentic approach to ensuring you can capture as many of those opportunities as possible. It has been designed with the non sales professional in mind (so someone who has limited or no sales experience) and it will deliberately avoid all the hard close sale techniques that actually helps you lose lots of customers.

In this program we will teach you the right way, the only way to be persuasive, to be able to understand your customers buyer behaviours, to be able to negotiate, show value and overcome objections to purchasing. We also help you have the right sales mindset so you no longer fear a customer saying no but welcome it and be able to work with it. We will teach you how to use a sales process, how to use a sales system and how you can enhance your sales skills.

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Sneak Peek Inside

The Close More Sales- Key Modules

Module 1- Sales Discovery

Module 2- Creating your Sales Offer

Module 3- Developing your Sales System

Module 4- Understanding your Sales Numbers

Module 5- Sales Outreach Strategies

Module 6- The Simple Sales Process

Module 7- Essential Sales Skills in Closing

Module 8- Managing Sales Obstacles

Module 9- Creating the right Sales Mindset

Module 10- Your Sales Plan & Strategy

The program is supported with our video presentation, the Close More Sales Workbook and Keynote presentations from some of our expert partners plus any supporting tools and resources. Each module is completed online and will only take you about 10 mins each. We cover 30 topics in the 10 modules. The course is FREE to our paying members and limited access to our FREE members. It retails at $1495 per person if you are not a member of BAA.

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