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Better Business Success Pathway

Having been in our own business for over 20 years we understand only too well how tough it can be to get the success you set out to achieve when you started your business. Most of that time we had to figure it out for ourselves and learn by trial and error. Work out who the real experts where we could trust and find our own pathway. This created many sleepless nights, stress, and potential business failures.  Imagine all the critical elements and steps of your business mapped out for you in a logical & sequential way that helped you focus on the key elements of your business you need to get right for long lasting success.

We have done that for you and its called the Better Business Success Pathway.



The 4 Stages of your Business Success Pathway Development

Not to be confused with the 7 steps of the pathway, the 4 stages refers to what you need to work through in a logical and sequential way. They are as follows:

Stage 1 - Forensics taking a deep dive so you know what needs to change

Stage 2 - Foundations getting the critical elements of your business right.

Stage 3 - Fulfilment Building & Growing your Business

Stage 4 - Freedom Leveraging your business to create the lifestyle you deserve

What is the Business Success Pathway?

The Business Success Pathway includes the following key ingredients to help drive your success.

  • The 7 steps of the Business Success Pathway
  • The 6 Business Keys for Success
  • The 5 Business Core Competencies
  • The 4 Stages of the Business Success Pathway
  • The 3 Business Personality Hats
  • The 2 Critical Business Problems you need to solve
  • The 1 Plan that will generate results.
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The 7 Steps of the Pathway

Step 1- Business Mindset

Getting your Mission and Vision correct. Setting and building your business culture. Defining the values of your business and working through the 3 hats of your business you need to wear.

Step 2- Financial Mastery

Understanding your critical numbers, working through your costs, margins, profitability and return on investment. Getting your finances right including your projections, cashflow and borrowings.

Step 3- Sales Mastery

Reaching out to customers, generating new leads, acquiring new business, building your sales funnel and pipelines for the future. Communicating with your customers effectively and deepening your relationships with them.

Step 4- Marketing Mastery

Identifying your ideal customers, figuring out their needs, pains, and solutions. Building your brand, your imagery, your look and feel. Understanding your point of difference to your competition and creating a compelling offer.

Step 5- Staff & HR Mastery

Making sure the greatest assets of your business, your staff are properly engaged, motivated, rewarded, and managed. Staying ‘up to date’ on all your responsibilities as an employer.

Step 6- Business Systems

Setting up your business to be able to be run easily and efficiently without the huge investment of time, energy, and you! Automating as many things that you can to make your life easier.

Step 7- Business Control

Making sure that you have created the necessary control points for your business. Developing the right strategy, planning, metrics, and responsibilities.


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The 6 Business Keys for Success

To be a successful business owner, you need to understand what the keys are you need to use to unlock long-term success. They are as follows:

Time - Having enough time to focus on the critical elements of your business that will truly make a difference.

Knowledge - this is not just about information- but using this information to transform your business results.

Ability - you need to ensure that you have the skills required to ensure you can get the best results you can. If you do not have them, learn them, or get someone who does.

Planning - the adage rings true. Those that fail to plan, plan to fail. Your plan must be guiding light for everything in your business and constantly checked & updated.

Strategy - this takes the plan and turns it into tactical outcomes you can create for your business to gain success

Execution- the actionable repeatable steps that you fine tune and get right so that all your other keys work in harmony.

The 3 Hats - Business Personalities that need to be managed.

Business Owners typically have 3 different personalities or types when they are operating and managing their business. Each one needs to be managed and utilised. These 3 hats are as follows:

Hat 1- The Dreamer- generally the visionary of the business

Hat 2 - The Doer- generally the person with the expertise or business skill

Hat 3 - The Director- those that end up managing the business operations.

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The 2 Critical Business Problem

There are many problems that a business owner faces constantly in their business but there are two that will always bring a business undone. They are:

Problem No 1: Customers

- the steady flow of valuable customers who buy your goods & services

Problem No 2: Income

- the ongoing income stream of your business that funds not only your day to day operation but your long-term survival.

The 1Plan

Making sure you are being guided consistently with the 1Plan for success for your business. This must incorporate all the key elements of your business coupled with metrics, checkpoints, red-flags, KPI’s and KPA’s and be a working fluid document that guides you every 90 day cycle. Our 1Plan helps you pull all these things together in a simple and easy way that will ensure you keep your business growing and successful.