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Attract More Leads

Attract More Leads- Overview

In our other key program- Get More Customers, we talked about the importance of getting the right sort of customers and enough of them for your business for it to be a success. Clearly before you can get more customers, you need to be able to Attract More Leads. In this program we show you how you can attract these leads to your business. Mastering this will ensure that your business continues to have enough of the right customers.

We show you all the principles of effective lead generation that you can do for yourself- once you have mastered these skills. We will also be showing you how the various marketing laws- such as the law of attraction, the law of scarcity and the law of expertise can help you attract more leads.

These modules have been designed by our industry experts and our own extensive experience and research in how to do this effectively. As in the last program, there is no secrets or mystical/magical processes but a logical, sequential methodology that has been proven to work.


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Sneak Peek Inside

The Attract More Leads- Key Modules

Module 1- Lead Attraction Theory

Module 2- Lead Strategy & Plan

Module 3- Lead Generation Tools

Module 4- Lead Nurturing

Module 5- Types of Leads

Module 6- Generating Referrals

Module 7- Subject Matter Expert

Module 8- Lead Conversions

Module 9- Lead System

Module 10- Lead Generation

The program is supported with our video presentation, the Attract More Customers Workbook and Keynote presentations from some of our expert partners plus any supporting tools and resources. Each module is completed online and will only take you about 10 mins each. We cover 30 topics in the 10 modules. The course is FREE to our paying members and limited access to our FREE members. It retails at $1495 per person if you are not a member of BAA.

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Marketing Resources

One Page Marketing Plan

One Page Marketing Plan

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Target Market Template

Target Market Template

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