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Accounting & Operations

Expert Accountancy Advice is critical to your business success

It can mean the difference between life and death- not so much for you but for your business. Many business owners see Accounting as a function of their business versus a strategy to make a great business,

Gone are the days that your accountant was just a bean counter- someone who would count your money, account for it and organise to pay your tax liability, hopefully on time. The Business Advice Agency understands that this is a critical business discipline that generally most business owners struggle to get right and in turn places their business at great risk. 

We have ensured we have hand-picked Accountants that are not traditional old school bean counters but ones who can make a real difference to your business. You will find them in our Hub and on our panel of expert advisors in each state. Plus we equip you with the skills and knowledge to get this right in your business, through our extensive training resource centre, with many programs focused on using the right accounting tools, understanding the accounting functions and getting your cash-flow right.

Don't risk this critical area of your business by going it alone or not getting any support, knowledge or skills to get your accounting humming so your business reaps the rewards. Join us and let us help you get this right for your business.

Business Accounting

Business Automation, Operational Efficiency creates great businesses

Perhaps you may challenge that? Think Ray Krock and McDonalds. It is the best example of how a systemised process made a single and simple Hamburger store into a worldwide success- even still today.

When it comes to business operations there isn’t a one size fits all solution, with every enterprise needing something slightly different, whether that’s due to different industries, budget constraints, how many staff they have, or a thousand different variables.

In the excitement of starting a new venture or leaping into a new industry, it can be easy to skip across the mechanics… who wants to write out processes or discuss automation tools when there’s a world to conquer?!

Getting clear on all of the building blocks that make your business success possible is critically important and, for many small business owners who specialise in their craft, can be challenging to get right. Getting your Business Operations properly systemised should be a goal for any business. We don't expect you will be a McDonalds but at least focus on making your life easier.

The Business Advice Agency is here to help by connecting your with the key experts who can help you understand how to do this. Plus you can learn from others or undertake anyone of our many training programs that can teach you how to do this.

That's why we have linked this to Accounting- because a great accountant will also show you how to do this properly.

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