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Going it alone in business can be tough. Let us have your back by offering you unrivalled business support.

The Business Advice Agency was started to help business owners survive and prosper in their business and to provide a support centre that would help them do this. This is because 6 out of every 10 small business owners fail within the first 3 years of operation and 9 out of every 10 small business owners fail within 5 years. We have started a movement that is focused on turning these statistics around and focusing on business success... 

Where failure is not an option and you want someone to have your back-join our business success movement.

About BBA

Walk a mile in my shoes so you truly know what it feels like.

It's an old adage but so very true. We know what it is like, to put it all on the line, to mortgage your house, to work the long hours, to struggle to make it happen. This gives us a unique understanding, coupled with detailed research from around the world about how you can get success and keep it. 

Having an extensive background in being in business, managing a business and succeeding in business - we understand how hard it is, what the many challenges may be but just as importantly how do you gain success in your business and survive and then thrive in even the most challenging of times.

That's why we have brought together all the things that you as a business owner need to get right- to get long lasting success in your business, today and for your future. Your marketing, your sales, your digital & social media programs, your finances, legal protection and your own mental well being & health.


Your own hub of dedicated experts- who share the passion for your success

The Business Advice Agency has hand chosen a network of Experts, dedicated to helping small business owners do better in all aspects of their business so they can survive, thrive & prosper. Marketing, Sales, Legal, Accounting, Finance, Health, HR experts and much more. We have matched these experts to the critical needs and disciplines your business needs to get right- for success and to avoid failure.  We do this through a unique platform of support that provides advice, resources, tools, education, training, and mentoring; helping to build a community of highly successful business owners.

Strategic business

We are passionate about helping you & having your back. 

Supported by our key values are integrity, authenticity, honesty, dedication, trust, and commitment to those we serve.


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