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We are the one central place for business expertise, advice, education, training & support for business owners who desire success.. It's the only place you will ever need to go to get the help you need in everything to do with your business.

Our unique platform brings us all together for one common vision & goal- success in our business. Join us now and let us help you do better in marketing, sales, finance, operations and so much more.

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Business CSI

Analysis of your current business fundamentals to determine support areas

Business Flags

Recommendations based on Business Check

Business Flags

Linking you with expert partners who can help you

Step 1 - Business Check

Measuring your business fundamentals against industry best practice for core business elements.

Step 2 - Business Analysis

Reporting and identifying the business gaps that are potentially impeding on your performance & success

Step 3 - Business Connect

Introducing you to our panel of experts who can help you improve your business fundamentals

Step 4 - Business Support

Providing you with additional tools, resources, education and training that will help improve your business fundamentals

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some of the ways we support our members

Your own panel of experts to help you....

Imagine your own expert team to help you in your business. We have hand selected leading experts in the following disciplines- Accountants, Solicitors, Finance, Insurance, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Health & Well-Being, Web, Business Mentors & Social Media to help you with your business needs.

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A Business Community to also help you...

Helping each other within our own business community- all our members can connect with each other, seek advice, support & help while sharing opportunities for new business within their local state networks. And your community will have a voice to help influence our governments to support our business owners.

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Mentors, Coaches, Advisors, Specialists

Most business owners are doing it on their own or with very few others to help. Our expert partners can also be your business mentors in the critical skills you may need help with- such as marketing, sales, social media, finance, legal, business strategy and planning. Highly skilled professionals who can help you in your business and support you in your business when you need it.

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Library of Extensive Support Resources

The world is changing dramatically every day and smart business owners know and understand that keeping their skills and those of their staff updated will be critical to their success. We have put together the most comprehensive and simple to use online learning platform that allows you to do just that- at a fraction of the cost of what it would be if you had to do create this yourself. Over 70,000 training programs all right here.

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business survival series -webinars

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Helping business owners survive in tough times- coming soon.
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You could save thousands per year with us

Membership with the Business Advice Agency pays for itself many times over. Not just in how we help your business survive, grow and prosper by through our Business Club- your ultimate reward centre.

As a paying member of the Business Advice Agency, you are automatically enrolled into our Business Club as a Gold Member. This will gift you immediate discounts across so many areas such as Food & Groceries, Petrol, Travel, Whitegoods, Office Equipment, Entertainment, Gift Cards, Automotive etc- the list is endless. Many huge brands such as Woolworths, BWS, Coles, JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys to name just a few.

Use the calculator below to see how much you can save each year- and see how your membership will pay for itself many times over. What are you waiting for? Join now & start to save. Just one of the benefits of being a member of the Business Advice Agency.

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Business Survival Guide

Business Survival Guide

The Business Survival Guide provides comprehensive information for business owners to help their businesses survive. With nearly 90% of businesses failing within 5 years, this guide outlines the key steps owners should take to help manage, grow and protect their businesses.

Want to know if your business could be at risk of failing- take the Business Survival Test below!

Business Survival Test here

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our expert partners can help you with these key business areas and needs

Business Set-Up
Wealth Generation
Marketing Plans
Digital/Lead Gen
Content Management
Lead Gen
Customer Acquisition
Business Development
Objection Handling
Sale Pipeline
Mindset & Motivation
Sales Coaching
Commercial Leasing
Property Ownership
Ant-Spam Laws
Cloud IT
Systemising & Automation
Privacy & ID Needs
Managing Stress
Work/Life Balance
Anxiety Control
Move your Body
Fuel your Body

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BAA is proud to be working in partnership with

The Institute of Advisors is Australia's only fully certified business coaches. All their accredited coaches have to complete this process to ensure they meet the educational and operational requirements to be formally certified as a business coach. They also have been trained in the use & application of the MAUS software that supports these business owners.

MAUS is an industry leading and internationally recognised business software provider with an impressive selection of software programs and tools to help the business owner- from business planning software, cash-flow management and exit planning needs- MAUS is the answer.

The Business Advice Agency has exclusively secured these partnerships to help support and guide our business owners to much greater success.

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