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9 out of 10 business fail.
When failure is NOT an option…

Being in business is hard. Going it alone is even harder.

Do you sometimes feel lost and alone in your business?

Wasting money without results is WORSE.

Earning money for your business is HARD.
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Who is the Business Advice Agency?

The Business Advice Agency is a network of experts, dedicated to helping small business owners do better in all aspects of their business so they can survive, thrive & prosper. We do this through a unique platform of support that provides advice, resources, tools, education, training and mentoring; helping to build a community of highly successful business owners.

We Know Small Business

With over 50 years of small business experience having run, managed and supported small businesses in a variety of different industries, we understand the pains, pitfalls and challenges small business owners experience every single day. Our mission is to provide small business with a support network of experts, tools and resources to help them avoid and overcome challenges that can often result in business stress, hardship and failure. We will help you and your business to become successful and turn your business from often ‘uncertain’ to ‘certain’ outcomes. Peace of mind and support when and as you need it.

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How BAA can help your business

Your own Team of Networks

70% of SME businesses are operated by just one business owner. Typically these owners are great at the product or service they offer but can lack the experience, knowledge & skills to be really successful in other critical disciplines and processes that ensure overall success. Our panel of key advisors are experts in their fields who can support our members in the 10 disciplines of business including legal, finance, marketing, HR and more. These experts will provide advice, education, resources, strategies and tactics to help small business owners feel supported and become even more successful.

Be Part of the our Community

Our vision is to have a small business community that is truly connected and can support each other. This community can help each other through the our Forum, sharing information, tactics & strategies that they have found successful for themselves and also offer guidance to questions, challenges and issues. We also offer the chance to share new customer opportunities across our membership not only to help drive leads but support our customers also. Our members can offer discounts to other members for themselves or their clients to offer greater support for each other.

Mentoring & Support

We know that the most successful sports people have professional coaches that help guide and support them to become better each day in their pursuits. The value of a coach, is they have objectivity and expertise. They can guide you through challenges and mentor you for success. Having a full time “coach” can be expensive! Our members appreciate having mentors that are available as they need them. Within our Business HUB, mentoring represents a small part of our collective sharing of knowledge & experience in our community and also via our training portal, information sessions, webinars, tools & resources that we can provide to you.

Our Learning & Success Centre

Many of us stop learning either after school or university. We know that being in business is a dynamic activity that is constantly changing. To grow and adapt, you must continue to learn. That’s why at the Business Advice Agency we have created our own Small Business School. As a member you will have access to over 70,000 training programs, the world’s largest educational resource library. This includes workshops, training programs, podcasts, videos and live events. The resource centre covers every conceivable small business topics that will help make you successful. It’s all online and available 24/7.

Business Success Wheel

Our unique process focusses on the 5 critical functions that all small business owners need, to ensure they get it right for their business so they not only survive in business, but thrive and prosper. These are Grow, Protect, Manage, Market and Sell in their business.

We links all those critical functions to our network of experts like in Finance, Legal, Sales, Marketing, Communications & Operations so you get the right support when & where you need it.


OUR MethOdology & Process


Assess your
key business outcomes


Provide strategy
to achieve outcomes


Strategic plans
to drive


Activate &
execute plans



Meet the founders of the Business Advice Agency

About Co-Founder
David Hayward

David has worked across many industries including hospitality, finance, tourism, retail, FMCG and Oil. He has held senior executive positions with companies such as BP Oil, ANZ Banking Group, Pan Pacific Hotels, Omega Performance, Smartline Home Loans. He has consulted to several of Australia’s largest companies including NAB, CBA, St George, Bank of Queensland and SA, Sony Pictures, Smart Leasing and BankWest.

These companies have used David’s key insights, training, strategies and skills to improve the performance of their staff. “When I experienced first hand, why very smart business people were struggling and failing in business, I decided to discover why. That research has resulted in the formation of the Business Advice Agency to help small business owners survive, then thrive and finally prosper’

About Co-Founder
Phil Rice

Phil has a dynamic entrepreneurial outlook, and has been an owner of various businesses over the last 40+ years. During this time, Phil has also worked with large organisations to understand their mechanics and unique cultures. Throughout these journeys, Phil has always upskilled to improve his knowledge and management skills through training and certifications in Accounting, Sales, Communication, Business Law and Finance.

Over 40 years, Phil has seen the changes in the business landscape and endured the continual ‘pain of change’ to keep ahead of the game. Currently, Phil is helping business owners nationally with all types of finance solutions, from cash flow finance to property finance and everything in between. Phil has expanded his finance business, with staff now in four states. In dealing with so many business people, Phil has gained a indepth understanding of what they need and how they can be helped, hence the formation of the Business Advice Agency.

Benefits of becoming a Business Advice Agency Member

Why you should become one of our Members?

  • to help guard against small business failure
  • to fast track your small business success, grow your business and succeed
  • to achieve the dreams, goals and aspirations you have from your business

Thousands of dollars value for a very low investment.

From as little as $19 per week per member you get the following key benefits;

  • Your own panel of trusted advisors that can help educate & guide you
  • Improve your business skills with over 70,000 online training programs
  • Daily, weekly and monthly business success podcasts, webinars & live events
  • A huge library of tools, resources, templates and educational material
  • Your very own small business support forum and network where you can get help
  • A comprehensive 3 year training program that will show you how to survive, thrive & prosper
  • Exciting, inspiring and motivation live events & workshops
  • Exclusive Reward Program that will help you save money on your purchases
  • Exclusive Member Directory where you can generate more customers and showcase your business
  • Competitive Business Finance Packages that help lower your business funding costs & protect you

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Our Business Survival Guide

This guide provides comprehensive information as to why most small businesses risk failure and how you can avoid these pitfalls. Download now.

Comprehensive Support for all areas of Small Business

Business Set-Up
Wealth Generation
Marketing Plans
Digital/Lead Gen
Content Management
Lead Gen
Customer Acquisition
Business Development
Objection Handling
Sale Pipeline
Mindset & Motivation
Sales Coaching
Commercial Leasing
Property Ownership
Ant-Spam Laws
Cloud IT
Systemising & Automation
Privacy & ID Needs
Managing Stress
Work/Life Balance
Anxiety Control
Move your Body
Fuel your Body

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